Emily Compagno: The truth about her marriage, husband, divorce rumors, and two siblings! - Married Biography (2024)

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Emily Compagno is an American TV personality and an attorney. She has brains and beauty and works for Fox News Channel. One sees her on television every day and know a lot about her political views and professional side. But what about her personal life? Is she married? Who is her husband? Does she have any children? How is her marital life?

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Emily Compagno: marriage, husband, children

Emily Compagno whose full name is Emily Rose Compagno is an employee of Fox News Channel. She started work with the channel in 2018 as a legal analyst and contributor for their various shows. Emily was also a co-host of the channel’s weekday talk show The Five. Moreover, Emily also features on Fox News Channel show Gutfeld! And Outnumbered where she offers her opinions on the political happenings in the USA and the world.

Emily Compagno: The truth about her marriage, husband, divorce rumors, and two siblings! - Married Biography (2)

Emily is a married woman. Her husband is Peter Reilly. Both attended the University of Washington. Emily completed her college with a graduate degree in political science. Peter too holds a similar degree. They dated and married in 2017.

There are some internet news reports that state that Emily and Peter are divorced. The reports say that the couple separated in 2020 after just three years of marriage. But other news portals have labeled those news reports as mere rumors. Neither Emily nor Peter came forward to issue any statements on these rumors to confirm or deny them.

The couple share no children together yet. While Emily is with Fox News now, Peter is supposedly working as an accountant manager in the Greater Seattle region. But there are also some online sources that state that Peter is a dentist. But whatever his occupation, the fact is that Emily and Peter are still together and not divorced.

Emily Compagno and her early life and education

Emily is 43 years old now. She was born in Oakland, CA on 9 November, 1979. Her delivery was at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland where her dad worked as the blood bank director. Emily’s father is John Compagno from Sicily and has an Italian descent. Her mother is Katherine Bertsch and has Bohemian, English, and Baden-Wurttemberg heritage.

Emily Compagno: The truth about her marriage, husband, divorce rumors, and two siblings! - Married Biography (3)

Emily belongs to a military family and grew up in El Cerrito, CA with her two sisters. Both are older than her. After completing her BA in political science from the University of Washington, she went on to pursue a law degree. She holds a JD degree from the University Of San Francisco School Of Law which she obtained in 2006.

Details of Emily’s family

Emily has military connections. Her father was commander in the US Navy Medical Corps. That explains her birth in a naval hospital. Emily’s two uncles worked for the US Army. Emily’s second cousin and his wife both were US Navy pilots. Many of her relatives including her great grandfather was part of World War I.

Emily Compagno: The truth about her marriage, husband, divorce rumors, and two siblings! - Married Biography (4)

Emily’s eldest sister is Julietta Skoog. She has completed her course in psychology from the Seattle University in 2005. She holds a Master’s in School Counseling. And she works now for children with special needs. She is a parent coach, school psychologist, and also a positive discipline trainer. She supports parents with special children. Juliette is married with two kids; Violet and Josephine.

Emily’s second sister is Natalie Compagno. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications of the University of Southern California. At the start of her career, she did some acting roles and has around 8 credits to her name. Later, she turned an entrepreneur and is owner of The Traveler’s Bookcase. It is a bookshop in LA, CA. As regards her marriage, there is no clear information on it.

Short bio on Emily Compagno

Emily Compagno is an American TV personality. More bio…

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Emily Compagno: The truth about her marriage, husband, divorce rumors, and two siblings! - Married Biography (2024)
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