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  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Difference to JSON
  • 3 General Structure
  • 4 General Concepts
    • 4.1 Example Usage
    • 4.2 Macro Structure
      • 4.2.1 Table Headers
    • 4.3 Global Modifiers
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JBeam is the file format that defines the physics skeleton in the BeamNG engine. It is called JBeam as it is based on JSON (with some exceptions) in order to define node/beam constructs.

Just about everything is case sensitive, and it is not at all friendly to syntax errors, so be careful! You create and edit jbeam files using a program such as Notepad++.

Difference to JSON

We modified the JSON parser a bit to make the life of the vehicle authors easier:

  • Comments: C-style, multi-line, and single-line comments are supported: //... and /* ... */
  • Commas: All commas are optional, but it is advised to only omit the commas at the end of lines.
{"vehicle": {"refNodes":[["ref:", "back:", "left:", "up:"]["f3r", "f5r", "f4l", "f8r"]],"cameraExternal":{"distance":6.7,"distanceMin":9,"offset":{"x":0.43, "y":0.11, "z":0.55},"fov":77,},}}

There are two types of data in a .JBeam file - lists and dictionaries. Lists simply contain values separated by commas within brackets, while dictionaries contain key values within braces. It is possible to have lists within lists, or lists within dictionaries, or any combination of the two. Dictionaries are placed anywhere in a section to set certain attributes, such as beamSpring or nodeWeight.

It is important to reset certain attributes when they're no longer needed, like breakGroup or group. This can be done by setting the value to an empty string:

//reset breakGroup since we no longer need it{"breakGroup":""}

Example Usage

//this is a list["value", 1, 123.457, "foobar"],//this is a dictionary{"key":"value", "key2":1234.5234, "key3":"blub"},

You are free to format this as you like, i.e.:

[ "value", 1, 123.459, "foobar"],{ "key":"value", "key2":1234.5234, "key3":"blub"},// you can also omit the comma at the end of lines:{ "key": "value" "key2": 1234.5634 "key3": "blub"}

Macro Structure

The sections in a file are in fact tables which are expanded when loaded.

 "SectionName": [ // first row: always a list of the columns ["id", "posX", "posY", "posZ"], // afterwards: the row values if a list, if a dict, additional options {"group":"body"}, ["f1rr", -0.90, -0.93, 0.23], ["f1r", -0.33, -0.95, 0.23], ["f1l", 0.33, -0.95, 0.23], ["f1ll", 0.90, -0.93, 0.23], ],

Table Headers

The table headers can have a special linking associated to them depending on the column name:

  • Columns with a ":" in it will link to other sections.
    • "nodeID:" will link the values in this column to the associated node. Notice that, for simplicity reasons, you can leave the "nodes". I.e. "nodeID:nodes" is the same as "nodeID:"
    • "beamID:beams" will link the values in this column to the associated beam.

Global Modifiers

There are a few variables that can be set anywhere in the main "vehicle" dictionary which affect the .JBeam globally. This is an example of a few. The most useful of these are the various scales. If the vehicle is slightly too stiff, heavy, or isn't crumpling up enough, only one value needs to be changed to globally scale certain values and correct such problems.

JBeam - BeamNG (1) Scaling is a temporary thing until there is a proper editor. It can be used to simply scale values globally, useful for quick tuning.
JBeam - BeamNG (2) Critically important: The scaling values must be the same for every single part in a vehicle. If any scaling values are different from part to part there will be unpredictable instability.
{"vehicle": {// [...] "selfCollisionThickness":0.02, "remoteCollisionThickness":0.06, "scalenodeWeight":0.95, "scalebeamSpring":0.75, "scalebeamDamp":0.73, "scalebeamDeform":0.42, "scalebeamStrength":0.65, "zeroOutSelfCollision":false, // [...]}}

Every .JBeam file is made up of many sections, all of which serve different purposes. Some sections are required, while others are optional.

Vehicle Creation
Get started: Introduction to Vehicle Creation
See also: JBeam ExamplesJBeam Physics Theory


How do you get JBeam in BeamNG? ›

While in-game; one can see the jbeam skeleton by pressing 'CTRL N' to show the nodes, pressing 'CTRL B' to show the beams and pressing 'CTRL T' to show the triangles.

What is the JBeam file? ›

JBeam is the file format that defines the physics skeleton in the BeamNG engine. It is called JBeam as it is based on JSON (with some exceptions) in order to define node/beam constructs. Just about everything is case sensitive, and it is not at all friendly to syntax errors, so be careful!

How do I get the most out of BeamNG drive? ›

7 Beginner Tips For BeamNG. drive
  1. 7 Use a Controller.
  2. 6 Get Used To The Controls.
  3. 5 Start In Free Roam Mode.
  4. 4 Use The Replay And Reload Functions.
  5. 3 Change Vehicles To Play Around.
  6. 2 Try Out Slow Motion.
  7. 1 Try Out Time Trials.
Jun 3, 2022

How do I edit BeamNG engine files? ›

To edit a vehicle part open the vehicle files / parts window, select a file in the Vehicle files grid and click Open button (with => as text) to open it. You now can access everything related to that vehicle part.

What is the fastest car mod in Beamng? ›

This Car Goes 15,000 MPH! The Return Of The SPEED KINGS! Deo Volente & v10 Destroyer UPDATE!

What is AJ beam? ›

Abstract. Jack-Beams (J-Beams) are used to support discontinued columns that do not extend to lower floors, satisfying space requirements in large stores and workshops. Often large concentrated loads are acting on the laterally unsupported J-Beam top. Built-up I-sections are often used in designing J-Beams.

Is BeamNG good for practicing driving? ›

This is where the cult driving sim hit BEAMNG. DRIVE comes in. Available exclusively as a PC driving simulator, this came has some of the most realistic damage and soft-body physics available. If you want to learn how to drive carefully, this driving sim is the place to start.

Who has the most hours in BeamNG? ›

Most BeamNG. drive Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
4ComradeTurtle |..11,786
153 more rows

Is BeamNG drive driving realistic? ›

In my time playing nearly every racing simulator, BeamNG is the most impressive and accurate simulation I've ever experienced. Not only are the crashes spectacularly violent, but the actual driving physics are damn near spot-on.

How do I customize the UI in BeamNG drive? ›

Press ESC to open the sidebar menu while in Freeroam game mode, then click the Customize UI Apps button to enter the UI Edit mode. In this mode, Apps can be moved, resized and also removed from your layout.

How do I fix BeamNG mods? ›

Sometimes a mod may contain errors with materials or textures, and would display the No Texture and No Material warnings.
If you experiencing this issue, try in this specific order:
  1. Disable all your mods.
  2. Wipe old/broken cache files with Clear cache.
  3. With all mods still disabled, check if the issue is gone.
Jun 5, 2021

How do I edit SFW files? ›

How to edit SWF files using Sothink SWF Quicker?
  1. Launch your Sothink SWF Quicker.
  2. Go to File > Open in the menu bar and import the SWF file from your local computer.
  3. After the SWF file is imported, you will see all the SWF elements are extracted.
  4. You can replace, add, or modify the elements as you like.
Dec 11, 2022

How do I open a Jbeam file in blender? ›

Blender does not edit jbeam. You'll have to use notepad(++), or you can try out BNEditor.

What does F11 do on BeamNG? ›

The default key to toggle the World Editor is F11 . There is also an editor safe mode which loads only core editor tool extensions, use Ctrl+F11 for that.

What is the fastest tuner car ever? ›

DRIVE EXCLUSIVE: With only six examples built to date, the Hennessey Venom GT could be considered the fastest street car in the world. Built off the Lotus ...

What is the most powerful car in BeamNG? ›

The race-spec Hillclimb - Asphalt is the fastest official SBR4 configuration, powered by a tuned 800 horsepower flat-4. As it is a race car, though, it is not publicly available for sale.

What is stronger RHS or I-beam? ›

The cross section of the H beam is stronger than the cross section of the I beam, meaning it can bear a greater load. In comparison, the cross section of an I beam can bear direct load and tensile but cannot resist twisting because the cross section is so narrow.

Which is stronger I-beam or H beam? ›

Center Web. H-beam: An H-beam has a thicker center web, which means it is often stronger. I-beam: An I-beam often has a thinner center web, which means it is often not able to take as much force as an h-beam.

How strong is an I-beam? ›

Ranges of yield strength: A36: 36,000 psi (250 MPa) A572: 42,000–60,000 psi (290–410 MPa), with 50,000 psi (340 MPa) the most common.

What is the most realistic driving simulator? ›

Our research found that 2021's Forza Horizon 5 has the most realistic depiction of real-life cars in video games, according to brake horsepower (bhp).

Why is BeamNG rated 16+? ›

There is violence, no drugs, just a car simulator with realistic damage.

What does the NG in BeamNG stand for? ›

BeamNG. drivenote NG standing for "Next Generation" as it is the Spiritual Successor to Rigs of Rods is a car game that makes use of "advanced softbody physics", which means a use of so-called beams and nodes to make up a vehicle (which can bend, deform and break from collisions).

Will BeamNG ever be multiplayer? ›

No, BeamNG does not natively support multiplayer. There are unofficial multiplayer mods available, however, but the experience gets increasingly laggy the more players who join.

Is there a real world driving simulator? ›

Real Driving Sim is the best driving simulator that features more than 80 vehicles and a huge open-world map to explore. A big selection of vehicles is waiting for you: sedans, supercars, off roaders, SUVs and more, with realistic engine sounds and accurate interiors!

Does BeamNG have real physics? ›

drive is a vehicle simulation video game developed and published by Bremen-based video game developer BeamNG GmbH. The game features soft-body physics, which simulates realistic handling and damage to vehicles.

Is BeamNG a game or simulator? ›

“It is currently a sandbox vehicle simulator with a wide variety of vehicles and terrains, with lots of modding potential and some very basic gameplay.”

How do you toggle UI? ›

Hiding your interface is actually quite simple. Just press "Alt" and "Z" buttons simultaneously and this should cause your interface to disappear. If this doesn't work, try pressing "Ctrl" and "Z" buttons. These buttons are the default key-bindings for hiding your User Interface and should work.

Can I mod BeamNG? ›

The BeamNG.drive Repository allows for mods to be installed automatically via the in-game mod manager, or via dedicated buttons located on the repository website.

What is customizable UI? ›

Custom UI provides a way to build the user interface of your app. Using custom UI, you can define your own user interface using static resources, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images.

Why mods are not working? ›

If mods are not working in Sims 4, they might have been disabled by a game update, the game's cache might be corrupted, or there could be compatibility issues.

Can you play BeamNG drive on mobile? ›

BeamNG. drive Mobile, coming from the developer Play MMO Games, is running on Android systerm in the past. Now, You can play BeamNG.

What is beam MP? ›

Some time ago, the BeamMP project was published to the public. This mod enables Online Multiplayer for BeamNG. drive with additional mod support. This guide will go over the basics of setting up the mod and joining your first BeamMP server.

What is SFW photo format? ›

SFW files are images saved in the proprietary Seattle FilmWorks (SFW) raster format. In the 1990s, Seattle FilmWorks processed photographs captured on film by customers, digitized them as SFW files, and placed them on floppy disks or CDs, which the customers could insert into their computers to view the images.

How do I change the file E? ›

How to Change File Extension in Windows 10
  1. Open Windows File Explorer.
  2. Click the "View" tab. Tick the "File name extensions" option.
  3. Now you can see the file extension of all your files. Find the file that you would like to change the file extension, right-click the file, choose rename, and enter the new file extension.
Sep 22, 2022

How do I edit a file in console? ›

  1. Open the file using the vi or vim command: vi example_file.
  2. Press the "i" key to enter insert mode.
  3. Make your desired changes. ...
  4. Press the escape "ESC" key to exit insert mode.
  5. Type ":w" and press the enter key to save your changes.
  6. Type ":q" and press the enter key to close the file.
Jul 27, 2022

How do I install BeamNG mods? ›

Manual installation
  1. Find a mod to download.
  2. Download the ZIP file. Do not extract.
  3. Open your Userfolder.
  4. Create a folder named mods (if you don't have one already)
  5. Drag and drop the ZIP file into this folder.
  6. The mod should now appear in your Mod Manager (if it does not contain errors)
Jul 15, 2022

How do I open a JBeam file in blender? ›

Blender does not edit jbeam. You'll have to use notepad(++), or you can try out BNEditor.

How do you get BeamNG drive on Xbox? ›

BeamNG is not available on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. BeamNG. drive is only available for Windows PCs at the moment.

Is BMG drive free? ›

Although BeamNG. drive is a paid game, there is a free tech demo available for those of you looking to just try it out. If you're looking for the full version of the game, which includes multiple vehicles, various maps, and the ability to install mods, check out my blog post on how to purchase BeamNG. drive.

How can I add mods? ›

Hover over your Forge installation, then press the Open Folder icon to the right. In the new window, locate or create the mods folder, then enter it. Paste the mod .jar file(s) from earlier into this location. Once done, return to the MC launcher and press Play .

Can Blender open 3D model files? ›

Luckily, Blender offers a wide range of file formats (e.g. OBJ, FBX, 3DS, PLY, STL, etc.) that can be used to import and export. Popular formats are enabled by default, other formats are also supported and distributed with Blender, these can be enabled in the User Preferences through the use of Add-ons.

Can Blender Open Gcode files? ›

Imports G-code files into Blender 2.80+ as a collection of layers which can then be animated or exported.

Is BeamNG a sim racer? ›

BeamNG. Drive is nowhere near an arcade racer. It's a simulator. Arcade means simplified driving mechanics.

Does BeamNG have AI? ›

The Radial Menu offers the easiest way to access most of the AI features. This menu will appear when opening the sidebar, by default, with the ESC key. Then navigate to the AI button, and from there all AI modes can be activated by simply clicking the corresponding slice.

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