Logos beginning With The Letter K (2023)

Logos with K!. Welcome to Friday! Last week we had the pleasure of looking at logos with J. However not it’s tome to look at some famous and some not so famous logos beginning with the letter K. The first five you will most definitely know. However, the last ones, probably not. Who is to say that they are not just as good looking?

So this week’s logos all belong to companies whose names start with the letter K. Okay?

Logos beginning With The Letter K (1)

Kentucky Fried Chicken has a famous logo that begins with the letter K

1. The Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise was officially founded in 1952. However, KFC’s famous fried chicken was actually conceived all the way back in 1930. Colonel Harland Sanders started serving his fried chicken in the dining area of a gas station he owned. Known as Sanders Court and Café. In 1935, Sanders received the title of honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his culinary achievements on behalf of the state. Understandably, Colonel Sanders sold the entire operation in 1964 for $2 million, while his handwritten and signed secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices is held in a secure vault to this day.

Also, did you know that KFC actually follows only 11 people on Twitter? And the 11 lucky individuals are a combination of celebrities with the first name. “Herb” and all five members of the Spice Girls. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s a clever marketing strategy that references the chain’s famous “11 herbs and spices” recipe. By following 11 herbs and spices on Twitter, KFC has created a clever and humorous way to spread brand awareness and engage with their followers. Plus, it just goes to show that KFC has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take themselves too seriously!

Logos beginning With The Letter K (2)

KIA Motors also begins with the letter K

2. The name Kia roughly translates as “rising out of Asia”, an undeniably appropriate name for a company based in Seoul, South Korea. Founded on the 9th of June 1944, it is South Korea’s oldest car company. Producing vehicles for military use as well as domestic. In 1997, the company introduced a new corporate grille. The so-called Tiger Nose. Intended to make their cars more recognisable by giving them an identifiable ‘face’.

Furthermore, Kia supports the Australian Open tennis tournament and has been doing so since 2002. Their most popular car in the US is called the Kia Soul. So, the company is working on making cars that can drive themselves. Planing on having partially-autonomous vehicles on the road by 2020. For instance, Kia has been recognized as one of the 100 Best Global Brands by Interbrand for the past four years.

Logos beginning With The Letter K (3)

Famous Kikkoman soy sauce is another example.

3. Chiba-based Kikkoman was founded in 1917, and is actually a combination of eight family-owned businesses. Founded by the Mogi and Takanashi families as early as 1603. Most importantly, its soy sauce is perhaps one of its best known products. After all, the brand having the honour of being identified as the most popular in both Japan and the US. Furthermore, the company’s logo is the kamon of its founder. Well, a kamon being a Japanese emblem or crest used to identify a particular family.

Most of all, Kikkoman’s success can be attributed to its commitment to quality and a deep respect for tradition. Also, the company continues to produce soy sauce using the same recipe that Shige Maki used over 300 years ago. Despite its global reach, Kikkoman remains firmly rooted in its Japanese heritag. Most of all where its products are a symbol of the country’s culinary culture.

Logos beginning With The Letter K (4)

Logos with K are memorable

4. Koei was established in 1978 by Yoichi and Keiko Erikawa. The name being a spoonerism of the university Yoichi attended (Keio University). Originally focusing on PC games, Koei’s success led to the company branching out into console titles. In 2009 Koei purchased competitor Tecmo, with the two companies merging on the 1st of April 2009 into Tecmo Koei.

A fun fact is that if you’re a fan of action-packed gameplay, you’ve probably heard of some of their popular games. For example, Dynasty Warriors series and Nioh. And if you’re into fighting games, the Dead or Alive series might be right up your alley!

Logos beginning With The Letter K (5)

Last but not least KODAK

5. The name of the Eastman Kodak Company, more commonly referred to as Kodak. Largely came about as a result of founder George Eastman’s fondness for the letter K. (apparently “it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter”). Said to have been devised with the help of his mother and an Anagrams set. Eastman chose it due to its uniqueness and not, as many believe, its similarity to the sound produced by a camera shutter.

Actually, rumour has it thatall started with simple cursive handwriting spelling out “Kodak?” Over time, they added some pizazz with cameras and the colors red and yellow. However, in 1935, they made a bold move and switched to the iconic red and yellow font that we all know and love. Things have changed over the years. For instance in 2006, they made another update but faced some challenges. So, they decided to go back to their roots with the original design. However with a modern twist perfect for the digital age. It’s awesome to see how a simple logo can evolve over time! And it still works. Timeless, edgy and elaborate logos are always “in fashion”

5 unknown logos beginning with the letter K

Now to the fun part, The Logo Company has designed many logos with K over the years and I will show you the ones that I like the best.

1. Kobelle – a royal looking fertility logo with K

Most of all, I really like this logo with K as it has a royal feel to it. The balance is just right and the font marries well to the design. The customer was delighted with the entire process in creating it with us.

Let me share with you a fascinating story about African mythology. Have you heard about the kobelle? It’s a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and abundance which is depicted as a human figure with a large stomach and overextended arms. This figure represents generosity and the ability to provide for the community. Interestingly, in some cultures, the kobelle is also associated with agriculture and is believed to bring forth good harvests for farmers. Furthermore, the kobelle is widely celebrated in many traditional African festivals and is seen as a symbol of unity and the importance of community. It’s amazing how this symbolism remains relevant in African art and culture, highlighting the role of generosity and abundance in building communities.

2. Kernel Krave’s charming character logo

I just love Kernel Krave. Being a snack brand that offers a wide range of delicious popcorn flavors and chocolate peanuts spreads. The brand’s logo showcases a brown popcorn kernel with a red swoosh of “k” letter that depicts a flavorful surge within the kernel. The shape of the kernel is designed to be simple, yet visually appealing, with bold, clean lines that evoke a sense of freshness and purity.

The color scheme of brown and red is eye-catching and reinforces the brand’s image as a tasty and exciting snack option. Overall, the Kernel Krave logo immediately communicates the essence of the brand. Just a charming little character logo. Making it memorable and recognizable in the competitive market of snacks.

3 Koi Dragon – a logo with K

This is a tattoo logo design that we created a few years back that I still love. I am not sure if it ever became a logo but if you are out there and you have this tattoo then let me know. This example, for instance, has a perfect balance between colors font and shapes in my opinion.

4. Kait Willing Wedding Photography business

Number 4 on the list is Kait Willing’s beautiful wedding photography logo with K that is a black & white dream. It’s both romantic and professional.

Kait Willing is a professional wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a passion for capturing the love and joy of couples on their special day, Kait brings a unique and artistic style to every wedding she photographs. Her attention to detail and natural ability to capture authentic moments has made her a sought-after photographer for couples in the Bay Area and beyond.

As a wedding photographer, Kait understands the importance of making sure couples feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Most of all, Kait Willing is there to document every special moment of your wedding day in a way that will tell your unique love story for years to come. It all started with a great logo.

5. Kota Construction, Inc – a memorable construction logo that stands out in the crowd.

Last but not least comes Kota Construction, Inc. One of my personal favourites as it stands out in the crowded construction market. For instance, the red 3D effect really makes the logo “pop” which is something a lot of my customers like to see in their own logo. Apparently,Kota Construction has built a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality work.

Logos with L is next on the agenda. Know any companies with interesting logos whose name starts with this letter? Make sure you post them to us with the #fridayfeature hash tag on Twitter or to our Facebook page! Want to start from the beginning ? Sure take a look atLetter A


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