Migration to system for Pension Administration (RAKSHA) - SPARSH: Guide | StaffNews (2023)

Migration to system for Pension Administration (RAKSHA) – SPARSH: Guide






Migration to system for Pension Administration (RAKSHA) - SPARSH: Guide | StaffNews (1)

Lt Gen CB Ponnappa, AVSM, VSM

Adjutant General


1. At the outset, I would like to salute ‘and convey my deep appreciation to all Veterans and Ex-servicemen for their invaluable contribution to the Army and Nation. It has been our concerted effort to reach out to our Veterans and NOK to strengthen bonds with them and keep them fully informed.

2. We are conscious of the various challenges being faced by our Veterans/NOK in processing the documentation for their pensionary entitlements. It is our constant endeavour to streamline the process and employ evolving technology, to increase awareness, transparency and accountability. Towards this end, a pensioners’ portal, i.e. SPARSH (System for Pension Administration Raksha), for automation of sanction and disbursement of Pension has been implemented wef 01 Aug 2021 by CGDA/ MoD.

3. There have been glitches in the system and difficulties in uploading Life Certificates. AGs Branch and fmns have been trying to help out in this context. It gives me immense satisfaction to release this booklet, which is an effort towards updating the Veterans and NOK about SPARSH. It comprehensively covers all relevant details regarding Account Creation, Receipt of User Credentials, Migration Process & Check Status, Pensioners Data Verification (PDV), View & Correction of data by Pensioner on Migration, Submission of Life Certificates, Demise Intimation by NOK, Track Status, Grievance Mechanism, Important Contact Details etc.

4. I am sanguine that this Handbook and compilation would act as a ready reckoner on important issues related to SPARSH. We remain committed to the welfare of our Veterans, Ex-servicemen & NOK and shall continue to extend our support in all aspects.


Place: New Delhi.
Date : 11 Nov 2022

(CB Parindppa)
Lt Gen
Adjutant General



Ser NoSubjectDetailsPage No
1Introduction and Overview1-2
2Migration Process and Steps Involved3-4
3SPARSH Account Creation on Receipt of Username/ Password4-5
4Steps to Check Migration if No SMS Received5-6
5Data Validation and Correction through SPARSH6-7
6Submission of Life Certificate/Perform Annual Identification7-10
7Problem Resolution Mechanism & Important Contacts of PCDA(P)10-12
8SPARSH Helplines at Record Offices13-14
9Steps for undertaking Data Correction by Pensioner on MigrationAppendix A15-22
10Death Intimation by NOK and Grant of Family PensionAppendix B23-24
11DIAV Contact DetailsAppendix C25-27
12Hindi Version of Important Activities for JCOs & ORAppendix D28-30


1. Introduction. SPARSH is the acronym used for “System for Pension Administration – Raksha” and is an integrated system for automation of sanction and disbursement of Defence Pension. This Pensioner Portal provides a single window for the Pensioners to avail Pension related services such as facility to view their Pension details, Pension entitlement, Pensioner profile details, Income Tax forms etc. It is also an online facility for grievance redressal and correction of any data/ details of Pensioners. Its salient features are as follows:-

(a) Aim is to ensure payment of Right Pension at the Right Time.

(b) Reduced errors and processing time due to data capture at source and automation of process.

(c) Introduction of Pensioners Data Verification (PDV) to ensure transparency and pensioner satisfaction.

(d) Centralized revision and disbursement leading to high timelines andaccuracy.

(e) Centralised grievance portal for improved management of customer grievances raised via multiple channels.

(f) Integration with external agencies for validation of data with respect to Bank Account, Aadhaar No, PAN etc.

2. Benefits/Advantages of SPARSH.

(a) Single point contact i.e. PCDA (P), Prayagraj for all pension and data related queries.

(b) No role of any DPDO/Bank & CPPC etc as the pension will be directly credited into pensioner’s account by PCDA (P) Prayagraj through SPARSH & eKuber package of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

(c) Pensioner will have the facility of login to access following services:-

(i) View & update profile.

(ii) Raise any kind of request post login like change/update of Mobile No, Email, Address & Bank details which would be straight way updated.

(iii) Raise request for amendment of name or Date of Birth (DOB) of family members duly uploading necessary supporting documents which would be visible to the dealing staff of concerned Record Office for JCOs & OR and ORO (MP-5B) for officers for vetting and approval. The updated data/details would be found reflected in SPARSH system post final approval of PCDA(P) through corrigendum PPO, the same would be available for download in my documents post login.

(iv) Queries/Requests related to pension anomalies.

(v) Interactive grievance management as per designed modules/subjects therein.

(vi) View/Download monthly pension details/pension slip.

(vii) Income tax forms including Investment declarations to save the tax.

(viii) Track Status.

(ix) Information about Re-employment.

3. Differences Between Erstwhile Legacy System & SPARSH.

Legacy SystemSPARSH System
Manual processing of pension forms to PCDA(O)/PAO(OR)Soft copy of the claim is uploaded by Record Office concerned
Hard copy from PCDA(O)/PAO(OR) to PCDA(P)Online Process
Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) Was PCDA(P). Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDA) were Banks/DPDOsPrincipal Controller of Defence Accounts {PCDA(P) Prayagraj} has taken over both the roles
Amendments were time consumingCan be done by logging on to SPARSH
Stage of submission of pension papers to PPO – No clue on his detailsPensioners data verification (PDV) has been introduced for checking of details online with intermittent SMS
Grievances- Through banks/Record Offices/OROOnline through SPARSH portal
Banks used to handle queries and clarificationsSPARSH Service Centres i.e. select Bank Branches, Col Veterans & approximate 4.5 Lakh CSCs in all states

4. Who is Being Migrated. All legacy Pensioners are being migrated to SPARSH in a phased manner. 15,19,537 Army pensioners have already been migrated in two phases and remaining in progress. It is being ensured that only pensioners with purified data are migrated to SPARSH with the minimum turbulence/inconvenience to the pensioners.

5. What Does it Imply? Physically your Pension account remains in the same Bank and Branch but the processing and disbursement of Pension which was being done by the Bank’s CPPC gets shifted to PCDA (Pensions), Prayagraj. Bank branch will only act as a face for operating of the pension account.

Migration Process and Steps Involved

6. Transition Methodology. CGDA through PCDA(P) is exercising due diligence in migration of pensioners from banks to SPARSH. Prior to shifting on SPARSH, data mapping is undertaken by PCDA (P) in consultation with bank where the individual is drawing the Pension and compared with the data held with PCDA(P) and only after correct mapping of mandatory fields, cases are migrated. If even after this diligent process, Pension gets stopped/reduced, the Pensioner needs to follow the following steps:-

(a) SPARSH Service Centre. Pensioner can visit nearest SPARSH Service Centre (SBI, PNB & Kotak Mahindra Bank) as mentioned under service locator tab in the https://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in website.

(b) SPARSH Helpline/Toll-Free Numbers. 18001805325, 05322421877, 05322421879, 05322421880 & email [emailprotected] can be contacted on Working days (Monday – Friday) between 0930 – 1800h.

(c) Common Service Centre (CSC). An MoU has been signed by CGDA with Common Service Centre e-Governance Services India Ltd with the aim to provide last mile connectivity to Pensioners especially those who reside in remote areas of the country. CSC has about 4.5 Lakh operational outlets and the applicant/beneficiary can visit any nearby CSC to enquire/ avail pension related services. Payment of services provided by the CSCs will be made directly by CGDA to CSCs as per rates fixed through MoU and the pensioner does not need to pay for it.

7. The Process and Steps Involved for Migration into SPARSH. Some important aspects to address varying contingencies are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs. The process commences as follows:-

(a) When your pension is transferred from the Bank to SPARSH, you will get an SMS giving your Username and Password for SPARSH Login.

(b) Ensure you save this information and use it for accessing/login the SPARSH Portal.

(c) All other relevant details on new system are available on SPARSH portal https://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in/.

8. It is recommended that the FAQ section available on https://sparsh.defence pension.gov.in/ be read and understood by you, as it will help to clarify any doubts that you may have. Following tutorial videos have been uploaded by PCDA(P) on their YouTube channel to assist veterans about SPARSH introduction/ annual identification (Life Certificate)/ to initiate family pension/ to intimate death of pensioner etc. The same may be accessed through https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjRdkW_ElE1YMwLnpjJeXg.

(a) Services available on SPARSH for Pensioners / family Pensioners.

(b) How to change password on SPARSH.

(c) How to perform PDV on SPARSH.

(d) How to manage profile & perform identification including tracking.

(e) How to view PPO/Corrigendum PPO/LPC/Pension slip etc.

(f) How to lodge grievances on SPARSH (Payment related).

(g) Identification process in SPARSH.

(h) Role of HOO (initiator and verifier) under SPARSH.

(j) How to initiate Family Pension (after disqualification of existing pensioner) on SPARSH.

(k) How to intimate death of Pensioner on SPARSH.

(l) Departmental Admin creation of new users.

(m) Departmental Admin, Editing/Updating of user details.

(n) Departmental admin, swapping of users to posts.

PDF for further reading SPARSH Handbook Final 14 Nov 2022



How do I migrate to Sparsh? ›

(i) All Veterans who are being migrated will receive a SPARSH username and password on their registered mobile number and email Id as per the database obtained by CGDA from your Bank. (ii) It is therefore essential that you get your mobile number and email Id updated with your Bank in the first instance.

How do I open sparsh files? ›

Step 1: Open the SPARSH Portal using URL: https://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in/ Step 2: Go to Services as shown below: Step 3: Select “Initiate Family Pension” provided under section “For Family”.

How do I log into my sparsh pension? ›

Access to SPARSH Portal:-

Pensioners are given login id and password to access SPARSH portal (sparsh.defencepension.gov.in) on their registered email id and password.

What is sparsh system? ›

SPARSH (System for Pension Administration (Raksha) for Defence Civilian and their families-reg.

Who is eligible for Sparsh pension? ›

in Financial Year 2021-22 on SPARSH

In keeping with the Digital India vision of the Government of India, the Ministry of Defence implemented SPARSH for pensioners of the Indian Armed Forces as well as Defence Civilians as an integrated system for automation of sanction and disbursement of defence pension.

Is it mandatory to submit life certificate through Sparsh? ›

If you don't want to submit your life through SPARSH, you have the option to submit it in Jeevan Praman Portal DLC method.

How do I get my sparsh pension user ID and password? ›

To login the SPARSH portal you may use your smart phone or computer and ,ay click on the link of SPARSH Portal given here. A user ID and Password screen will be appeared and in this interface you need to put the user ID an Password received on your registered mobile number and email ID.

How do I upload documents to Sparsh? ›

(URL- sparsh.defencepension.gov.in). Step – 2 Log into the portal account using your credentials. Step – 3 Click on the “Identification” menu available in the left panel of thepage. Step – 4 Click on “Generate MLC Number” to download a blank MLC form.

How do I create a Sparsh account? ›

SPARSH User Registration
  1. New User Name * Username should not contain any special character or space.
  2. Applicant Type * Individual.
  3. First Name *
  4. Last Name *
  5. Date of Birth *
  6. Gender. Male Female.
  7. Discipline of Course pursued*
  8. Date of start of Programme *

Can I access my pension account online? ›

You can access your pension money online in your Online Account.

How do I check my monthly pension online? ›

Know your Pension Status
  1. Step 1: Go to https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/PensionPaymentEnquiry/pensionStatus.jsp.
  2. Step 2: Then select office.
  3. Step 3: Enter PPO No & Click on Submit.
  4. Step 4: Details would be displayed as shown.

How do I activate my current pension? ›

How do I activate my NOW: Pensions member account?
  1. Go to nowgateway.com/activate.
  2. Enter your unique NOW: Pensions contract ID and your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY]
  3. Click Find my account.

Why is my pension transferred to Sparsh? ›

It was introduced for current retirees in phases: in October, 2020 for defence civilians; in February, 2021 for the Indian Air Force; in June, 2021 for the Indian Navy; and in August, 2021 for the Indian Army. All 'legacy' pensioners who had retired before these dates are also being gradually 'migrated' to SPARSH.

What is Sparsh migration? ›

The project basically entails online submission of Pension Claims from Officers' Record Office (ORO) to PCDA (P), Allahabad through PCDA (O), Pune, online verification & authentication of data and online disbursement of pension direct into account by PCDA (P) instead of Banks/CPPCs/DPDOs etc.

What is sparsh pension plan? ›

System for Pension Administration (RAKSHA) (SPARSH) is being implemented by Ministry of Defence for meeting the pension sanction and disbursement requirements for Armed Forces viz. Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence Civilians.

Who is eligible for full pension? ›

6.1 Linkage Of full pension with 33 years of qualifying service shall be dispensed with. Once a Government servant has rendered the minimum qualifying service of twenty years, pension shall be paid at 50% of the emolument or average emoluments received during the last 10 months, whichever is more beneficial to him.

Who is entitled for Indian pension? ›

The minimum eligibility period for receipt of pension is 10 years. A Central Government servant retiring in accordance with the Pension Rules is entitled to receive pension on completion of at least 10 years of qualifying service.

Who is entitled to my father's pension? ›

(sub rule 6(ii) of Rule 54 ) (iv) In case both wife and husband are governed by the provisions of family pension 1964, the surviving child or children shall be granted the two family pensions in respect of the deceased parents.

What happens to pension if life certificate is not submitted? ›

2.4 If a pensioner does not submit his Life Certificate by 30TH November, the Bank should immediately stop the pension. If the pensioner submits the Life Certificate few months after the November deadline but before next 31st October, then the Bank may resume the pension & pay the arrears.

How do I get sparsh life certificate? ›

click on "Generate MLC Numberl' to download a blank MLC form. A PDF file of 'Life Certificate' will get generated. grid will be displayed with the status of the request as "Saved". with the Official Seal.

How can I get life certificate online without biometric? ›

Here are the steps to generate a 'life certificate' online:

Step 1: Log in to 'Jeevan Pramaan' app by using Pramaan ID and OTP. Step 2: Select the 'Generate Jeevan Pramaan' option and enter Aadhaar number, mobile number. Step 3: Click on generate OTP. Step 4: Once OTP received, enter it.

How do I know if my pension has migrated to Sparsh? ›

As soon as your pension system migrated from Bank to SPARSH you will be intimated on your Bank/Adhaar registered mobile number and email ID both. If you have not linked any email ID in your bank, no matter, you will receive it through Mobile SMS.

How do I find my sparsh PPO number? ›

How to check your SPARSH PPO Number ? Step –I : Just go to official website of SPARSH Portal of PCDA https://pcdapension.nic.in/pcda/view-sparshppo.php . You may click on the link given below (after step-3). The new PPO number will appear mow on the screen.

How do I find my 8 digit PPO number? ›

PPO number can be found using your bank account number or EPF account number. Simply visit the official website of EPFO, click the “Know your PPO number” and enter your bank account details or PF number to find your unique 12 digit PPO number.

How to upload life certificate for pensioners online? ›

Pensioners can electronically submit their life certificates through the Jeevan Pramaan Portal. A pensioner must download the Jeevan Pramaan app from the portal. A pensioner must also provide their fingerprints using the apparatus required by UIDAI.

How do I verify data in sparsh portal? ›

  1. Pensioner Data Verification aims at enabling the service pensioner to verify his/her own details before sanction of pension.
  2. Step 1: Open to pensioner portal using URL:
  3. Step 2: Login using the username and default password.
  4. Step 3: Change the default password before taking any action.
Feb 25, 2022

How do I manually submit a life certificate? ›

Manual submission
  1. Life certificate can be recorded by Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs), if the pensioner physically appears before the PDA.
  2. Personal appearance of a pensioner will not be required, if the pensioner submits the life certificate form signed by any 'designated official'.
Nov 23, 2022

How do I register my mobile number with Sparsh? ›

Customers can also update their mobile numbers by log in to their account > Account information page. mobile number. Enter the mobile number and current password and click on the “Save” button. The Mobile number must be unique to each customer.

When can I withdraw money from my pension account? ›

You can start taking money from most pensions from the age of 60 or 65. This is when a lot of people typically think about reducing their work hours and moving into retirement. You can often even start taking money from a workplace or personal pension from age 55 if you want to.

How do I access all my pensions? ›

To find out the value of your pensions, you need to contact your pension providers. If you're not sure who your pension providers are, then you can contact your former employers to find out, or use the government's Pension Tracing Service.

Can I withdraw my pension to my bank account? ›

A pension cannot be transferred to a bank account in the same way it can to a different pension scheme. To place your money into a bank account, you would need to withdraw the funds, and to do so you must be 55 or over and have an eligible scheme.

Does pension increase with age? ›

Central Civil Services (CCS) Pension Rules for super senior citizens: The pension/compassionate allowance provided to the Central Government pensioners under the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules increases considerably once they attain 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 years of age.

What is new pension rule? ›

The rules and regulations regarding family pensions were different earlier, but have been changed subsequently and now, under the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 there is no restriction on grant of family pension to a family member from two different sources in respect of the same Government servant or ...

Can I access my pension money? ›

It is usually possible to take a quarter (25%) of your pension pot as tax-free cash. You then have the option of setting up a guaranteed income for life (an annuity) with the rest, or you can withdraw your money as one or more lump sums, or take a flexible or regular income.

Do I have to apply for my pension or does it come automatically? ›

You will not get your State Pension automatically - you have to claim it. You should get a letter no later than 2 months before you reach State Pension age, telling you what to do. If you have not received an invitation letter, but you are within 4 months of reaching your State Pension age you can still make a claim.

Can you pull your pension at any time? ›

Typically you need to keep the money in the plan until you reach age 59 ½. Withdraw any of it before then and you'll be hit with a bruising 10% early withdrawal penalty, on top of the regular income tax that is due on withdrawals from all traditional defined contribution plans.

When I turn 65 Do I automatically get old age pension? ›

If eligible, your OAS pension can start as early as the month following your 65th birthday. You can choose to delay receiving your OAS pension up to age 70, which may increase your monthly amount by 0.6 percent for every month you delay (7.2 percent per year).

What does it mean your pension has been transferred from SBI to Sparsh? ›

You may receive a massage on your mobile number that “Dear Customer, As per PCDA directives, your pension has been transferred from SBI to SPARSH (PCDA Pensions)”. Don't Worry you need not to be puzzled with such msg. Relax…. Your pension is yours only. Nothing adverse is going to happen with you.

How long does a pension transfer take? ›

It usually takes around three to six weeks from applying to seeing it in your pension pot, if you're moving cash.

Can pension account be transferred from one state to another? ›

The transfer application will require mentioning both account numbers (in the old & new branch) with both branch contact details, if account portability is not available in the bank. If the account portability is available then the pensioner may simply seek a transfer of his/her pension account to the new branch.

Who are eligible for Sparsh? ›

in Financial Year 2021-22 on SPARSH

In keeping with the Digital India vision of the Government of India, the Ministry of Defence implemented SPARSH for pensioners of the Indian Armed Forces as well as Defence Civilians as an integrated system for automation of sanction and disbursement of defence pension.

What is the use of sparsh app? ›

SPARSH - System for Pension Administration (Raksha)

CPP is envisaged to ensure Right payment to the Right pensioner at the Right time through digital processing of 30 lakh + pensioners.

What are the three types of pension plans? ›

Defined benefit pension plans can be further subdivided into three types: single employer, agent multiemployer, and cost-sharing multiplier. This distinction is important to note, because each type is subject to different reporting requirements.

How can I get 50000 pension per month? ›

So, to get Rs 50,000 per month or Rs 6 lakh per year, you need to invest Rs 75 lakh in a good BAF or DAAF scheme.

How do I register with Pensionseva? ›

Visit the SBI Pension Seva portal at https://www.pensionseva.sbi/.
  1. On the home page, click on the 'New Registration' option.
  2. Enter your account number and other details.
Jun 28, 2022

How do I upload MLC certificate to sparsh? ›

Click on MLC box (Manual Life Certificate) and then click on Generate MLC No. A MLC No will be generated, click on download MLC Certificate, A Certificate will be downloaded on your Laptop/PC. Fill up it and get it attested from any gazetted Officer as per list provided on SPARSH Portal.

How can I register my mobile number in sparsh portal? ›

Customers can also update their mobile numbers by log in to their account > Account information page. mobile number. Enter the mobile number and current password and click on the “Save” button. The Mobile number must be unique to each customer.

How do I submit my online life certificate for pension? ›

Pensioners can electronically submit their life certificates through the Jeevan Pramaan Portal. A pensioner must download the Jeevan Pramaan app from the portal. A pensioner must also provide their fingerprints using the apparatus required by UIDAI.

What is Pensionseva portal? ›

SBI Pension Seva is a website launched by State Bank of India for SBI pension account holders. You can access various services such as details about your pension account, download pension slips or any arrears and investment-related details etc.

What documents do I need to apply for pension? ›

Personal documents
  1. Documents that show your age, like a drivers licence or birth certificate.
  2. Bank account details.
  3. Your Tax file number.
  4. Proof of identity.

Who is eligible for life certificate? ›

for personal appearance such pensioners have to produce life certificate in 6 months. Pensioners unable to appear in person due to bodily illness or infirmity. Such pensioners have to submit life certificates in 6 months. Severely wounded and infirm pensioners, subject to production of life certificate.

How can I see my life certificate online? ›

Once your praman ID is generated, you can download the Digital Life Certificate by following the link https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/ppouser/login. One can download the PDF version of the certificate, he or she can also find out the current status of the Digital Life Certificate.

What is MLC and DLC in Sparsh? ›

Pensioners can complete Annual Identification/Life Certification by logging in https://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in/ and opting for: · Download & upload Manual Life Certificate (MLC) duly signed by authorized signatory, or. · By selecting Aadhaar based Digital Life Certificate (DLC)

How to download MLC from Sparsh? ›

(URL- sparsh.defencepension.gov.in). Step – 2 Log into the portal account using your credentials. Step – 3 Click on the “Identification” menu available in the left panel of thepage. Step – 4 Click on “Generate MLC Number” to download a blank MLC form.

WHO issues MLC certificate? ›

MLC Inspection/Certification of ships with gross tonnage less than 500 shall only be carried out after due authorization from Panama Maritime Authority has been obtained.

How do I get a new PPO number in sparsh? ›

Step –I : Just go to official website of SPARSH Portal of PCDA https://pcdapension.nic.in/pcda/view-sparshppo.php . You may click on the link given below (after step-3). The new PPO number will appear mow on the screen.

How do I get my 12 digit PPO number? ›

A Pension Payment Order (PPO), a 12-digit number given to each pensioner covered by the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS), is allotted when an Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) subscriber retires. Pensioners can check the status of their pension on the EPFO's pensioner's portal.

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