Primary School Ranking [2022]: Who is Singapore's Best? (2023)

Singapore is famous for a lot of things like cleanliness, street food, and ease of doing business. Another thing that Singapore is famous for is the quality of education provided in the country. Singapore's education system is considered amongst the best in the world. It offers a lot of different programs for students and prepares them for their professional lives from a very young age.

Like everywhere else in the world, the first step in the education ladder in Singapore is your "Primary School." There are over 180 schools in Singapore, and they all have their own strengths. The school you choose will lay the foundation for your child's education. So parents are very serious about selecting the right school for their kids.

To help parents make a decision, here is a list of schools that that is the most popular in 2022.

2022RankingBy Popularity

NoSchool% Apply
1CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’157%
3Pei Hwa Presbyterian121%
5Catholic High103%
6Ai Tong100%
7Nan Hua95%
8Red Swastika82%
9Tao Nan82%
11Pei Chun Public76%
12Methodist Girls’75%
13Henry Park74%
15Anglo-Chinese (Primary)73%
16Fairfield Methodist71%
17St. Hilda’s69%
18Anglo-Chinese (Junior)68%
19Singapore Chinese Girls’66%
21Holy Innocents’46%
22CHIJ (Toa Payoh)44%
23Maris Stella High41%
24Radin Mas38%
25St. Andrew’s Junior36%
26Yu Neng36%
27South View36%
28Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’36%
29Maha Bodhi34%
31St. Joseph’s Institution Junior31%
32Kong Hwa31%
33Raffles Girls’27%
35Hong Wen20%
36Princess Elizabeth19%
37St. Margaret’s19%
38St. Anthony’s19%
39Bukit Panjang17%
40Nan Chiau16%
41CHIJ (Katong)14%
42Haig Girls’13%
43Poi Ching10%
45Kuo Chuan Presbyterian8%
46De La Salle8%
47Geylang Methodist7%
49Canossa Catholic6%
50St. Gabriel’s6%
51Mee Toh5%
52Kheng Cheng4%
54Pei Tong3%
55Telok Kurau2%
57St. Stephen’s2%
59Ngee Ann2%
60Pasir Ris2%
61Montfort Junior2%
62Jurong West1%
67Blangah Rise1%
68CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace1%
71Bukit Timah1%
76Fern Green1%
78North View1%
79Punggol View1%
80Yew Tee1%
81St. Anthony’s Canossian1%
82Marymount Convent1%
85Ahmad Ibrahim0%
87Anchor Green0%
88Ang Mo Kio0%
91Bedok Green0%
93Boon Lay Garden0%
94Bukit View0%
98CHIJ (Kellock)0%
99CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel0%
100CHIJ Our Lady of The Nativity0%
102Chua Chu Kang0%
108East Spring0%
110Elias Park0%
113Farrer Park0%
116First Toa Payoh0%
119Gan Eng Seng0%
127Jing Shan0%
135Naval Base0%
136New Town0%
137North Spring0%
138North Vista0%
140Opera Estate0%
141Palm View0%
142Park View0%
144Punggol Cove0%
145Punggol Green0%
149River Valley0%
153Seng Kang0%
154Sengkang Green0%
155Si Ling0%
157Tampines North0%
158Tanjong Katong0%
159Teck Ghee0%
160Teck Whye0%
164West Grove0%
165West Spring0%
166West View0%
168White Sands0%
170Woodlands Ring0%
174Yio Chu Kang0%


School Rankings in Singapore

The Ministry of Education in Singapore doesn't release an official ranking for the schools. So it is up to the parents to think and choose which school would be the best for their kids. They look at factors like the academic performance, infrastructure, and teaching methodology of different schools in order to select the right one for their child.

Some parents also tend to go for popularity as they believe the more popular the school, the better it is for their kids. However, the elementary school tutor and writer for PapersOwl argues that many popular schools do not provide children with the necessary level of knowledge, and as a result, most student get personal tutors or go to additional classes. Schools usually get their popularity because of high academic results, so it seems like an excellent option to go for the more popular schools in the city-state. However, this isn't always true. Parents should always look at different factors and then see which school resonates with their child's personality and interests and then choose that school.

Factors That May Affect Parent's Decision in Choosing the Right School for Their Child

There are many different factors that parents consider when it comes to choosing the right school for their child. Let's take a look at some of those factors.

The Popularity of the School

Parents all over the world can relate to this. When you put your kid in a popular school, then you expect good results from them. Therefore, the popularity of the school is a significant deciding factor. The problem with going to the more popular school is that it often tends to be very crowded, and teachers may not be able to emphasize individual growth.

The Facilities of the School

Another factor that parents consider is the facilities provided by the school. This includes things like their computer labs, their library, quality food, etc. The facilities available at the school affect your child's learning experience and outside growth as well.

Does the School Offer Gifted Education Program (GEP)

One thing that's very important for gifted kids is to encourage their special skills. So schools with GEP programs are more popular among parents. This is because the schools give extra attention to students with a high level of intelligence and help them develop it further. In addition, these schools usually have smaller class sizes, so the student gets more individual attention from the teachers.

Considering if you should enroll your child in GEP, we have some advice for you in this article.

Does the School Offer Special Assistance Plan (SAP) or Not?

A special assistance plan helps children who are not doing well in academics and need more help than the average student. Many schools offer these plans to their students for free or at a discounted price. So if you want your child to receive this kind of special care, then choose a school that offers these kinds of plans to its students.

Is The Respective School Represented In The Singapore National School Games?

This is another important factor that parents should know about. Every year, National School Games take place in Singapore, and many schools participate in it. Students from different levels (primary and secondary) take part in it and show their talent at such a young age. This is an important opportunity for these kids to get noticed by the people who matter, so it is better to choose a school which regularly takes part in the event.

Does The School Have Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)?

Another important factor that parents tend to care about is the availability of co-curricular activities in the school. Co-curricular activity refers to extracurricular activities for students. These are things like sports, dance, music, etc. The more CCA options the school provides, the better it is for your child. Likewise, the more active learning methods they use, the better it is for your kid.

The School's Achievement in Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

If your kid is interested in arts and crafts, then this is the factor to look for. Every year different schools participate in the Youth Festival Arts Presentation. If your kid wants to have a career in arts, then you can choose a school that performs exceptionally well at this event. This is an important opportunity for parents as they can judge how a certain school will help in the growth and development of your child's skills.

How to Choose the Best School for Your Kids in Singapore

Choosing the best school for your kids in Singapore will not depend on only one factor but a collection of different aspects. We are going to go through some of the important factors that will help you choose the right school for your kids.

Co-Ed Or Single Sex School: Which One Is Better?

When you talk about the best school in Singapore, it is very important to consider one of the most important factors parents usually care about. This factor does not depend upon your child's learning qualities but also on their social skills.

So should parents send their kids to a single-sex school, or should they go to a co-ed school?

Many people believe that it is better for parents to choose a co-ed school for their kids as it can help with their social development and give a boost to their confidence levels. But there are also some parents who believe that single-sex schools will help kids in their future learning and professional development. It usually depends on the culture and traditions in the family.

We have an article on this, read it here.

The Distance from the House to the School

The distance of the school from your home should also be considered by parents when they are looking for a good school for their child. The more you will have to travel every day, the less time you will spend with your friends and family after school hours. So this is yet another important factor that parents should consider when choosing a school for their kids.

The School's Culture: Is It The Right Fit For Your Child?

Every school has its own culture and tradition. Parents should choose a culture that will fit their kid's personality. For example, if you want your child to be an introvert, you should definitely avoid schools with extrovert cultures, as this can cause trouble for them at such a young age. It is very important for parents to choose a school culture that will help their kids' personalities grow.

It Is Better To Choose A Primary School That Is Affiliated With A Secondary School

The affiliation of a primary school with a secondary school is very important because not only does this mean that your child will get quality education from primary school to secondary school, but affiliated schools will help your child in getting admission in the secondary school once they are done with primary school. The admission process can be very difficult for some of the schools. However, if your child's primary school is affiliated with a secondary school, then it would be easy for them to get admission.

Special Education Needs Schools in Singapore

You need to teach your child how to cope with their disabilities. So if you have a kid who needs special education help, then you should definitely find the best school in Singapore which provides them with special care. If you fail to give special care to kids with learning disabilities, it can negatively affect their self-esteem and confidence levels. This is why parents need to pick schools that offer special education services according to the disability level of their children. There are many private schools that provide this kind of service, but they also cost more than regular schools.

Different Types of Primary Schools in Singapore

The primary school in Singapore can be divided into four different categories, which are as follows;

  1. Government Schools
  2. Government Aided Schools
  3. Independent Schools
  4. Specialized Independent School

No matter the primary school, your child will always have to take the PSLE to move on to the secondary school

Government Schools:

Government schools have a standardized fee structure and provide quality education to children. Singapore's public schools are famous for their quality education. These schools follow a national syllabus.

Government Aided Schools:

Different communities and organizations set up these schools with the help of the government. One common example is the government-aided schools that started in partnership with the Christian community, like the Catholics Primary School. So there are many different government-aided schools in Singapore.

Independent Schools: (Private Schools)

These schools are set up by private communities or individuals and not by the government. They have a good fee structure that is usually expensive compared to government schools or aided schools. They also have the liberty to set up their own syllabus and programs. The quality of education in Government schools is so good that many people tend to prefer government schools over independent or private schools.

Specialized Independent School:

These schools are especially for children with different kinds of special education needs. These kids require more individualized attention from their teachers, and this is why they require specialized educational institutions where they can learn according to their abilities and disabilities. This is why the specialized independent schools have a good quality of teaching, highly trained teachers, and a unique curriculum to suit their needs.

School Fees Is Also a Deciding Factor

The fee of the primary school is an important deciding factor. However, even if the school offers high standard education, it does not matter much if you cannot afford to pay their fees. So before selecting a school for your child, make sure that they are affordable for you so that your child gets a quality education without having to worry too much about the expenses.

Primary School Fees in Singapore

The fee you are going to pay for school in Singapore is going to depend on the school you choose. Another significant factor that will determine your school fees is going to be your residential status in the city-state. Government schools are usually less expensive than independent schools, and they have a fixed fee set by the government. However, independent schools are allowed to set up their own fee structure, which is why they are usually more expensive.

If you are a Singapore citizen, then you will pay the least amount of money; the school fees are going to be higher for permanent residents and even higher for international students. The difference in fees for the citizens and international students is remarkable, and this happens across the board with all types of schools in Singapore. For example; A Singapore citizen may pay anywhere from $23 to $43 per month in school fees, while a permanent resident may pay $400 to $418 per month while an international student may have to pay a staggeringly large fee of $800 to $1488.

Can You Get Financial Support for Education in Singapore

Yes, you can get financial support from the government for education in Singapore. It can also depend on your school itself, your residence status, and the type of education you want. There are different financial assistance programs along with merit-based scholarships for children who wish to have a quality education but don't have the means to afford it.

Read more about the edusave scholarship award here.


The quality of education in Singapore is remarkably high; however, the tricky part is selecting the right school for your child. With so many different schools in the city-state (and all offering quality education), it can be challenging to identify the right school for your child. However, these factors can help you choose the right school for your child that resonates with their personality and one that can help them grow both personally and academically.


How many primary schools are there in Singapore 2022? ›

In Singapore, there are a total of 186 primary schools. Each of them has its own attributes that will help set the tone for your child's education academically and holistically.

What is the most popular school in Singapore? ›

Secondary School Ranking based on PSLE 2019 scores
Secondary SchoolsAffiliated Schools COP
1Nanyang Girls' High SchoolNY PRI: 250
2Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
3Raffles Institution
4Hwa Chong Institution
55 more rows

Is Qifa primary a good school? ›

It is recognised by its stakeholders for its rigorous academics, stellar aesthetics and a wide range of co-curricular programmes that cater to the all-round development of its students.

Who scored 294 for PSLE? ›

Natasha Nabila Muhamad Nasir of St Hilda's Primary School scored 294 out of a maximum of 300 in the 2007 PSLE. She went on to Raffles Girls' School.

How do I choose a primary school in Singapore? ›

Here are 5 points to consider when choosing a primary school for your child:
  1. Your child's interests. Each school has its own programmes and co-curricular activities. ...
  2. Travel time and distance to school. ...
  3. Mother Tongue Languages. ...
  4. School culture. ...
  5. Special educational needs.
5 Jun 2021

Which GEP school is the best? ›

What is the best GEP primary school in Singapore? Based on the ranking of the top 10 primary schools in Singapore in 2022, the top GEP primary school is Rosyth School.

What is GEP school? ›

The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) curriculum is designed to meet the cognitive and affective needs of intellectually gifted students through an enriched curriculum. Learn how the GEP curriculum is enriched.

How important is a good primary school? ›

Primary schools teach foundational literacy and numeracy skills which are used across all subject areas. Without these basic abilities, all subject areas become inaccessible to the child. Gaps appear which can affect a child's learning in multiple subjects, such as English, history, geography, science, maths and IT.

What is a good PSLE score 2022? ›

A lower AL score means a better mark in the subject. The best possible PSLE Score is 4 and the worst possible PSLE Score is 32.

Why are Singapore schools the best? ›

Singapore's national curriculum tends to devote more time to mastering core subjects like maths, science and technology. The goal of feedback by teachers is to help students know the “right answer” to the specific question, instead of mulling on 'levels of understanding'.

Are Singapore public schools good? ›

Singapore's public schools frequently rank among the finest in the world, especially on maths and science lists. Their reputation for academic excellence springs from a robust commitment to competitive education.

Is Gongshang primary a good school? ›

So far our results have been good,with some students ocassionally scoring a perfect 100 on some subjects,including Maths. Our Maths syllabus is the same among all other schools in Singapore,but it is tougher than nearby schools and even good neighbourhood schools like Tampines North,St Hilda's etc.

Is chongfu a good school? ›

Chongfu is a very good school and the teachers there make sure that you will pass with flying colours for your exams!”

Which is the best primary school in Punggol? ›

Based on the primary school ranking in Singapore in 2022, the top primary school in Punggol is Punggol Green Primary School.

Is PSLE 2022 hard? ›

2022 PSLE is officially over! This year PSLE threw up a few surprises but in a good way. The notorious Maths paper was deemed as the most straightforward paper. While it has some tricky questions, it is manageable compared to past year's paper.

Can you fail PSLE? ›

Fact: There is no passing or failing mark for each PSLE subject, or the PSLE as a whole. The PSLE is a placement exam to guide students to take subjects in secondary school at levels that best suit their educational needs at the point of entry to secondary school.

Is PSLE easy? ›

SINGAPORE: The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is kept at a “consistent standard of difficulty” over the years, with 15 per cent of questions classified as “challenging” each year, said the Ministry of Education's (MOE) director-general of education on Friday (Jul 15).

How do I find the best primary school for my child? ›

However, it can be useful to think about:
  1. National test results. Each year, children in Year 2 (7-years-old) and Year 6 (11-years-old) sit assessments in reading, writing, mathematics and grammar, punctuation and spelling. ...
  2. Ofsted rating. ...
  3. Reputation. ...
  4. The school's website. ...
  5. Visits to the school.
29 Oct 2021

Is Primary School important in Singapore? ›

Children's education is always one of the top priorities for parents in Singapore, and so picking the best primary school to give their kids a head start in life always lingers on the minds of parents.

How do I choose the right school? ›

Four Steps to Selecting a School for Your Child
  1. Step 1: Consider your child & your family. Start your search for the best school by thinking about what you want a school to do for your child. ...
  2. Step 2: Gather information about schools. ...
  3. Step 3: Visit and observe schools. ...
  4. Step 4: Apply to the schools you choose.

Is GEP difficult? ›

Another perspective is that the GEP is filled with frivolity, fun and games – but in fact, it was some of the most difficult work I had ever done relative to my age group.

Should kids join GEP? ›

GEP is a good programme for gifted children because it allows them to learn in an environment that better caters to their needs and interests, as opposed to standard high school educations which are typically less specialized and more generalized. 4.

Do GEP students take PSLE? ›

While GEP students across the nine schools will take different exams from mainstream students from Primary 4 to Primary 6, they will still take the same PSLE at the end of Primary 6.

Who is eligible for GEP? ›

1. Overview. To participate in the identification exercise for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), your child must be enrolled in a MOE primary school. Students on Leave of Absence can participate in the GEP identification exercise with their cohort in their school.

How many students are at GEP? ›

Going by the graduating cohorts for the last few years, it's been about 40,000 students per year — so we can estimate that 400 students per year will make the final cut for the GEP.

How many GEP schools are there? ›

Some background: Singapore has 9 GEP primary schools, and students who want to join GEP have to be in one of these 9 schools.

Which school years are most important? ›

The first five years are especially crucial for physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development.

What should I look for in my child's school? ›

Choosing a High School
  • Consider your child's future goals and career interests and check out opportunities for arts programs, sports, JROTC, career development or STEM classes based on these future goals. ...
  • See what higher-level courses are offered. ...
  • Look at the school's graduation rates. ...
  • Check out the school's ACT scores.
31 Aug 2021

Which stage of education is most important? ›

While all education levels are important, the primary stage of education would be more important as it is the formative period of any child and a good, solid and well meaning educational development will help the child in the secondary and post-secondary educational period as well.

Will there be PSLE in 2023? ›

SINGAPORE: Mid-year examinations for all primary and secondary school levels will be removed by 2023, announced Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing on Monday (Mar 7).

Is it hard to get into SST? ›

Over 1,000 students apply every year, and the acceptance rate is about 20 percent. What qualities does it take to get into the SST, and what sort of school experience does it provide?

What is a good al score? ›

It ranges from 4 to 32, with 4 being the best possible total score. Under the new AL system, if your child is taking foundation subjects, your child will be graded AL A to AL C.

Is Singapore education best in the world? ›

Singapore is well-known for its high quality of education in the world, ranking higher than many countries like Canada and Switzerland.

What rank is Singapore in education? ›

Top 10 Best Countries For Education
RankCountryEducation Score /10
6 more rows
13 Dec 2021

What country has the best education system 2022? ›

Based on this study, China received the highest scores, followed by Korea, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands.

Can Singaporean kids go international? ›

Singapore Government regulations require Singaporean Citizens of Primary 1 age and above, who wish to attend a Foreign System School (FSS), to obtain a waiver from the Compulsory Education Act from the Ministry of Education (MOE).

What is the biggest school in Singapore? ›

Dunman High School

Are government schools better? ›

- Private schools cannot compete in the essential educational requirements of the staffs that the government schools fulfil. - Government institutes also provide good salary to their teaching and management faculties.

› kiasu › article › choosing... ›

While parents had full control over the choice of their children's pre-school education, deciding on which child care or kindergarten their children should ...
They also strongly emphasise mastery of specific procedures and the ability to represent problems clearly, especially in mathematics. Classroom talk is teacher-...
Singapore is one of Asia's success stories. The country has transformed itself from an underdeveloped country to a modern industrial economy. During this re...

What is the best primary school in Sembawang? ›

What is the best primary school in Sembawang? Based on the primary school ranking in Singapore in 2022, the top primary school in Sembawang is Wellington Primary School.

Is Pei Hwa primary a good school? ›

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary was founded in 1889 and is the best primary school in Singapore.

Is Haig girls a good school? ›

Established in 1951, Haig Girls' School (HGS) is an all-girls' government primary school. Our school has a heritage of excellent all-round education. Nurturing character, leadership and creativity is the hallmark of an education at HGS that has endured over the decades.

What is the difference between ACS Junior and ACS primary? ›

Living in this area, your child is conveniently located to secondary and tertiary schools. Don't confuse ACS Primary with Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), which is located at Winstedt Rd. Both schools are known to be prestigious, but the main technical difference is that ACS Primary has a GEP programme.

Which is the best primary school in Yishun? ›

Based on the primary school ranking in Singapore in 2022, the top primary school in Yishun is Northland Primary School.

How many primary schools are there in Singapore? ›

In 2020, there were 180 active primary schools in Singapore.
Number of primary schools in Singapore from 1960 to 2020.
CharacteristicNumber of schools
12 more rows
28 Oct 2021

What is your primary school? ›

Definition of primary school

1 : a school usually including the first three grades of elementary school but sometimes also including kindergarten. 2 : elementary school.

Is chongfu a good school? ›

Chongfu is a very good school and the teachers there make sure that you will pass with flying colours for your exams!”

How old is Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary? ›

1889: Founding of school as Road End Free School. 1918: Became Chinese-medium school. 1922: Renaming of school as Pei Hwa School.

What is SAP school Singapore? ›

The Special Assistance Plan, or SAP for short, is a program dedicated to academically strong students skilled in both Chinese and English. Only primary and secondary schools focused on Mandarin as a mother tongue offer the Special Assistance Plan. For this reason, SAP schools are often referred to as “Chinese” schools.

Is HGS a good school? ›

The journey so far is very fruitful.. I can see HGS is evolving as one of the best schools in Bangalore with Good infrastructure, experienced faculty and academic planning. Special thanks to Director Pavan sir & Principle Sangeetha mam and all the wonderful teaching staff who are taking care my son and his feature.

How old is Telok Kurau Primary School? ›

Telok Kurau English School started in 1926. It was situated at Telok Kurau Road from which it derived its name.

Which is the best chij school? ›

What is the best CHIJ primary school in Singapore? Based on the Singapore primary school ranking in 2022, the top CHIJ primary school is CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School (Primary Section).

Is ACS a Chinese school? ›

Anglo-Chinese School is usually abbreviated as "ACS", with Anglo-Chinese Junior College abbreviated as "ACJC". Its students and alumni are referred to as "ACSians" (/ˈɑksiɑn/).

How many ACS schools are in Singapore? ›

Founded in 1886, Anglo-Chinese School is a family of Methodist schools in Singapore and Indonesia with a history of more than one hundred years. ACS has a total of 7 schools, of which six are located in Singapore and the other is in Indonesia.

Is there still GEP in Singapore? ›

Some background: Singapore has 9 GEP primary schools, and students who want to join GEP have to be in one of these 9 schools.

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