The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (2023)

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October 1, 2022


By Hayley Glatter


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The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (7)

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (8)

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October 1, 2022

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Screens are everywhere: the TVs on our walls, the laptops on our desks, and the cellphones in our pockets. Some studies suggest that the average adult spends about 8.5 hours each day looking at a screen. If you don't have the best blue light glasses (or any, for that matter), that means you're likely racking up hours of close-up artificial blue light exposure. And even if you're not looking at a screen, you're spending time indoors under fluorescent lights, which also emit a fair amount of blue light. (Of course, most blue light exposure in your day comes from the sun; it actually takes 15 hours staring at a screen to equate to one hour of sunlight.)

But what's so bad about blue light? When you're exposed to artificial blue light throughout the day, it can trick your internal clock into thinking it's time for activity, not rest. Experts believe blue light can negatively affect your sleep quality, and blue light glasses aim to mitigate these effects by filtering out a percentage of the potentially harmful light—but with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to parse the best pair for you. Read on for our picks for the best blue light glasses.

Do blue-light-blocking glasses work?

When you're up late watching the latest binge-worthy show or scrolling through social media with your phone an inch from your nose (we've all been there!), you're exposing your eyes to blue light right before bed. As we've learned, doing this can make it more difficult to catch high-quality Zs.

Though there's no true consensus on their ultimate effectiveness, blue light glasses aim to filter out or block some of the light from reaching your eyes, making it more important to wear the glasses in the hours just before1 your head hits the pillow. Todd Handel, an optician at East Coast Optometry, says the evidence connecting blue light exposure to eye strain is murky, but the sleep connection is not. Exposing your eyes to blue light right before bed suppresses melatonin, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep.

"Some studies suggest that devices like monitors and cellphones have a blue light wavelength that affects vision in two ways: The first is that it's harmful to your eyes and can cause possible long-term damage," he explains. "The second, and more important, effect is that blue light can affect circadian rhythms and negatively impact your sleep patterns."

How we picked:

Blue light filter

We focused on glasses that filter out a sufficient amount of blue light and will therefore have the strongest impact on your sleep and eye health.


Everyone's budget is different, so we included a range of prices.


We paid attention to customization capabilities because people who wear prescription glasses should be able to benefit from these, too.


Blue light glasses are only effective if you actually use them, so we looked for options you'll want to wear.

Our picks for the best blue light glasses

Best for daytime: True Dark Daylights Fitovers

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (9)

True Dark Daylights Fitovers

VIEW ON True Dark | $69


  • Filters 75% of blue light
  • Multiple styles available


  • Distorts colors
  • Some say they are clunky

Blue light filter: 75%

Prescription options: Designed to be worn over prescription glasses

Lense color: Yellow

Design choices: One design

Designed for daytime, indoor use, these blue light glasses feature polarized, visibly yellow lenses that block 75% of blue light. The lenses are scratch-resistant and designed to filter out blue light (or, as the brand aptly calls it: "junk light") to help you achieve a better night's sleep. These glasses are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day—and they come with a case that's easy to toss in your bag if you're traveling or on the go.

What customers say:

With an overall 4.3 out of five-star rating and 55 reviews on Amazon, most feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Some reviewers find these glasses to be a bit clunky and note that colors appear distorted while wearing them. With that in mind, another says they're not noticeable (even over prescription glasses), going on to write, "I'm really liking these glasses—I''m one of those people who works on the computer 10 hours a day, and eye strain was becoming an issue—the moment I put these on, I felt it, my eyes instantly felt better, relieved. Thought I was imagining it at first, but now I think it's real—these really do make a difference."

Best for nighttime: True Dark Twilights Classic

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (10)

True Dark Twilights Classic

VIEW ON True Dark | $82


  • Filters 100% of blue light
  • Designed specifically for better sleep


  • Only one style

Blue light filter: 100%

Prescription options: Yes

Lense color: Red

Design choices: One design

These sport-style, goggle-style glasses are intended to be worn indoors in the evening. The wrap-around design is meant to prevent light from leaking in, and the scratch-resistant red lenses are said to block 100% of blue, green, and violet light. For best results, the brand recommends wearing these glasses starting 30 minutes to two hours before bedtime.

What customers say:

While some lament that these glasses prevent them from differentiating among colors, most speak glowingly about the product's impact on their sleep—and they have a 4.2 out of five-star rating overall on Amazon to prove it. One review says it all: "I have been able to sleep completely through the night when I normally would wake up 3-4 times. I naturally wake up after 8 hours which is the ideal time and feel rested for the first time in a long time."

Best for women: SOJOS Revive

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (11)

SOJOS Revive



  • Less expensive
  • Stylish


  • Only filter 25% of blue light

Blue light filter: 25%

Prescription options: Yes

Lense color: Clear

Design choices: Multiple frame designs

These rainbow statement glasses come with a carrying pouch and cleaning cloth and are the least expensive choice on this list. All SOJOS blue light glasses are made with anti-scratch and anti-glare lenses that filter out UV rays and offer 25% blue light protection. This is another clear frame option that won't disrupt your workday—and you can add your prescription.

What customers say:

Reviewers love these glasses. There are only 30 reviews on the company website, but they are all perfect five-star ratings. Customers rave about not only the product's quality and aesthetic but also the brand's customer service. One writes, "While working from home, I noticed I was getting headaches quite often. But with these glasses, the way they sort of dim the lighting of my computer has helped overnight. Worth buying if you are working at a computer all day. And they look good."

Best clear: Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (12)

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

VIEW ON Felix Gray | $95


  • Multiple styles available
  • Clear lenses


  • Some say the quality does not match the price
  • Expensive

Blue light filter: 30%

Prescription options: Yes

Lense color: Clear

Design choices: Multiple frame designs

Many of Felix Gray's frames can be adapted with blue-light-filtering lenses, including the trendy Nash style. The brand not only allows you to exchange the frames for no charge, but the glasses include a 30-day money-back guarantee and a yearlong manufacturer's warranty. The frames come in three color options, and the lenses have a double-sided anti-glare coating. If you're not a fan of tinted lenses, you'll be happy to see that these are completely clear—but the brand says they still filter out 15x more blue light than other clear lens models. Pro tip: Check your benefits, because these are FSA or HSA eligible.

What customers say:

Google reviewers appreciate that these glasses do not significantly distort colors in the way other models do. Some customers criticized the quality of the product, referring to the frames as "on the cheap side of the spectrum." However, others praised the glasses and said they quickly noticed a positive impact on their sleep: "The product does as it says," one reviewer promises. They add, "I wake up feeling much more refreshed since wearing them before bed."

Best for reading: EyeBuyDirect St Michel Round

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (13)

EyeBuyDirect St Michel Round

VIEW ON EyeBuyDirect | From $64


  • Multiple lenses available


  • Not clear how much blue light they filter

Blue light filter: N/A

Prescription options: Yes

Lense color: Clear

Design choices: Multiple frame designs

EyeBuyDirect has dozens of frame styles to choose from, and the brand's frames are also extremely customizable, depending on what you are using them for. There are four blue-light-filtering lenses to choose from: EDBlue Plus (with advanced blue light filters for everyday protection), EDBlue 360 (with anti-glare coating for computer use), EDBlue Smart (with light-adjusting technology), and Sight Relax (to reduce digital eye strain while reading).

While the frames are $35, it will cost an additional $29 to add the SightRelax technology, and there will be added fees for a prescription. All purchases come with a 14-day return policy and a one-year replacement warranty.

What customers say: EyeBuyDirect does not separate blue light reviews from frame reviews, but customers love the Potter glasses. With an average of 4.8 out of five stars on the company's website, there are sky-high marks for style and fit. Customers are especially satisfied with the style and fit.

Best budget: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (14)

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

VIEW ON Amazon | $36


  • Less expensive
  • Filter 98% of blue light


  • Not a daily-wear aesthetic
  • Distort colors

Blue light filter: 98%

Prescription options: Designed to be worn over prescription glasses

Lense color: Yellow

Design choices: One design

The Uvex sport glasses emphasize function over form. In other words, they're likely not something you'd wear around town or on your next Zoom meeting. That said, the brand claims the Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) in the orange lenses filters out a staggering 98% of harmful blue light. The wraparound design features anti-fog lenses, adjustable arms, and a moldable nose bridge to maximize comfort.

What customers say:

These blue light glasses have an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars on Amazon and over 8,000 reviews. Customers report significant color distortion but praise the product for improving their sleep. "Did these glasses work for me?" one reviewer writes. "An emphatic yes, they did. Five nights (so far) of excellent sleep and well-rested mornings. And I am not a morning person!"

Best for kids: Bon Charge Elsa Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The 8 Best Blue Light Glasses To Help Offset All That Screen Time (15)

Bon Charge Elsa Blue Light Blocking Glasses

VIEW ON Smart Buy Sunglasses | $124


  • Multiple styles available
  • Filters 100% of blue light


  • Not many reviews yet

Blue light filter: 100%

Prescription options: Yes

Lense color: Yellow, Red, Clear

Design choices: Multiple frame designs

Kids, unfortunately, are not immune to the impact of blue light—and these days, they likely aren't staying away from screens. These blue light glasses are made specifically for children 4 to 11 years old, and they filter out 400nm and 550nm, which the brand says is all blue light and "most" green light. The brand has a line of adult glasses too, and its kids' line uses the same technology. These are also a great option for adults with smaller heads. There are multiple colors and styles available, and you can find a size guide on the website to help pick out the best pair for you.

What customers say:

There is not a ton of feedback on the Bon Charge kids models yet, but all the reviews they do have are positive. One customer says, "Bought the Piper Sleep+ for my daughter and I wish I had done so sooner. She loves them! A game changer in her sleep quality!"

How to know if you need blue-light-blocking glasses.

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time looking at screens could benefit from giving blue light glasses a try—though people who suffer from extreme eye strain should consult their doctor to explore more personalized treatment methods. If you struggle to fall asleep or are prone to looking at devices right before bed, blue light glasses might be a great investment for you. However, it's worth noting that those who work on graphics during the day may want to skip blue light classes, as they can distort the colors on your screen.


Are blue-light-blocking glasses safe?

Yes, blue-light-blocking glasses are safe. There is nothing to show that wearing these glasses could be harmful.

Are there glasses that block 100% of blue light?

Handel says most blue light glasses filter out between 20% and 80% of blue light, though some—especially those with visibly tinted lenses—may filter out more. Some on this list claim to filter out 98% to 100%.

Should you wear blue light glasses all day?

There's no harm in wearing blue light glasses all day, though you'll never be able to (or be interested in) fully blocking all blue light since it is emitted from the sun. Blue light glasses are most useful at night.

The takeaway.

There is strong evidence that people who wear blue-light-blocking glasses before bed have an easier time falling asleep. Keep in mind: If you're having trouble sleeping, there are a lot of factors that could be interfering and many things you can do to optimize your sleep environment. This list of the best blue light glasses gives you the chance to limit your exposure to harmful blue light rays and be on your way to a more restful, restorative sleep—or you can always try out a pair of blue-light-block contact lenses.

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