Top Indian Luxury Brands You Did Not Know Were Indian (2023)

How has 2020 been for you; Great, not great, shocking, surprising? Well, we all know that the situation hasn’t been even close to what we allhave been expecting and has led to so many changes but on the bright side there is one initiative that was brought to light in these difficult times- To buy local, which means to purchase products that are manufactured or made in India or belong to the Indian origin. Many Indian brands have adopted names that sound foreignto gain attention in the market, which is why most of here will be surprised to know about these brands belonging to the Indian origin. There are many Indian Luxury Fashion Brands on this list too.

While learning about this I came across lists of various luxury brands that belong to India which I personally too had a misconception about being imported from the foreign. And I am sure through this blog I will leave you astonished too.

So here is a list of companies that are top Indian Luxurious brands we didn't know about:

1. Jaguar Cars

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It was in this moment when i realized that i have underestimated India. After reading more about it, apparently the companywas acquired by Tata Motors in 2008 and then changed its name to Jaguar Land Rover Ltd as the single design, manufacture and sales company in India.The company locally manufactures its vehicles at the Tata Motors plant in Pune located in Maharashtra, India. Some of the sports cars that are manufactured here are Jaguar XE, F-pace, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Sport.

2. Royal Enfield

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A brand that is extremely popular amongst riders is actually a subsidiary of Eicher Motors Limited, an Indianautomaker with factories based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Royal Enfield used to bea British motorcycle manufacturing company once upon a time. This brand is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world and is still in production, with the Bullet mode.The company makes theRoyal Enfield Bullet, and othersingle cylinderas wellas twin-cylinder motorcycles alongsideenjoying the longest motorcycle production run of all time.

3.Chandon Wines

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Surprised to know that this brand of Wine is made in India too.Chandon that is owned by French specialist Moët Hennessy is no different from an abundance of the other peregrine sparkling wines that you get in the Indian market. The main difference is that it is engendered with grapes grown marginally a couple of hundred kilometers outside of Mumbai.Moët Hennessy determined that the Nashik region in India had the potential to engender world-class, premium quality sparkling wine. Chandon is coalescing the centuries-old sparkling winemaking practice with the finest local grapes.

4. HiDesign

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HiDesign is known for its leather based accessories, but what we all didn't know was that this leather based manufacturer is located in Pondicherry, India. You will also be amazed to know that many big brands worldwide get leather goods supplied from Tamil Nadu's tanneries. Today, along with two facilities in Pondicherry, they are also manufactured in Sikkim, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and Chennai.

5. East India Company

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Yes, It’s true!From the Indian history, we all understand its reputation and control over regions of India. The company that once owned the entire India is now owned by an Indian businessman Mr. Sanjiv Mehta, based in Mumbai. Inaddition to that, he is also the Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Now, East India Company is known for supplying high-end luxury goods in the whole world.

6.Amrut Single Malt

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A wine that was ranked 3rd best single malt around the world is not bottled in Europe or Incipient Zealand but in our very own Bengaluru, India. This fine liquor is brewed and bottled at the Amrut distillery, Bengaluru. It gained popularity in just a few years after it launched, also known to be the first single malt whiskey that is made in India.Amrut is a Sanskrit word which means "nectar of the gods", "nectar of life", or "drink of the gods".

7.Louis Philippe

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We all have known or at least heard of this brand for its premier men's wear collection. By its name it is hard to believe but Louis Philippe is actually an Indian Brand. The brand name was taken as an inspiration after Louis Philippe, the king of France from 1830 to 1848.Owned by the Madhura Fashion Style, this brand has gained popular over the years becoming one of the largest apparelbrands in India.

8.Allen Solly

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Another well-known brand for its clothing and apparel was bought by the Madura Garments in 1990's fromWilliam Hollin and Co Limited. Recently, in the year 2001, it was then acquired by the Aditya Birla Group. Allen Sollyis recognized as one of the fastest-growing Indian brands worldwide.The manufacturing units for shirts and wallets are set up right here in India.

9.Da Milano

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The fascination of India with foreign sounding products gave existence to this high-end brand. Beingone of the classiest brands that sound Italian, it is truly believed to be Indian. The brand is known for providing high-end leather accessories and home furnishings in India and abroad. Over time, this brand has gained immense popularity and now has more than 70 plus stores in India alone givingan approximate revenue of Rs.160.5crores

10. Lakme

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As we all know Lakme is one of the leading make up brands around the world. But did you know that its origin is from India? The brand name was taken from a French opera Lakme, which is a French name for Lakshmi which in India is known by the goddess of wealth and beauty. This brand was established by Jawaharlal Nehru after observing the demand for foreign cosmetics being brought down to India. Nehru then persuadedJRD Tata to start manufacturing cosmetics domestically. Over the years TATA then sold its shares toHindustan Unilever.

11.Flying Machine

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A brand that we all recognize for its Jeans and its famous ambassador- Virat Kohli is known to be a completely Indian.This brand is one of the popular apparel brands in the world which is owned by Arwind Mills. It is also knownto be India’s first jeans brand and in fact, the first home-made denim wears for Indians. Flying Machine hasover 1,300 standalonestoresand about 5,000 departmental and multi-brandstoresin over 192 cities and towns acrossIndia.

12.AND designs

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A brand that is known for its trendy and classy clothing styles around the world is actually established in India by Anita Dongre, Meena Sehra and Mukesh Sawlani. Their sense of fashion and style met with standards of the International fashion. Their innovative and evolving ideas increased its demand all around the world.In April 2015, the company shifted its headquarters to the serene, green hills of Rabale in Navi Mumbai.


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A Company that mainly manufactures fashion accessories such aswatches, jewellery andeyewear. Being a part of theTata Group, the company is based inBangalore, India.The watches brands likeFastrack, Sonata, Raga, Octane and Xylys faals under thedivision of Titan. Recently,In 2011, the company secured license for marketing and distribution ofTommy HilfigerandHugo Bosswatches.


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This brand is well known for its elegant collection of mends wear. A brand that was first established in India now has gained popularity in many places around the world. This group also owns apparel brands like Raymond, Raymond Premium Apparel, Park Avenue, Park Avenue Womanand more. All of these brands are retailed through 'The Raymond Shop' making a network of over 700 retail shops spread acrossIndiaand overseas, in almost 200 cities.

15.Forest Essentials

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Came across this brand at the Bengaluru Airport and now it turns out to be my personal favorite.A pioneer of Luxurious Ayurveda whichhas become a luxurious Indian beauty brand that infuses the ancient beauty rituals of Ayurveda in a stylish, modern aesthetic packaging experience. New Delhi-basedForest Essentialshas been shipping its luxuryto more than 120 countries. And is now getting ready to go global by opening stores abroad and partnering with high-end department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.


The Indian market for luxury goods might be expanding massively, but prognosticating what the buyers want is a very intricate process, which is why so many companies just decide to go with something that sounds vaguely French or Italian.

There are many such brands that are made and manufacturedin India that are progressively making growth and going international making India proud. Let us support them and be vocal for our local to establish their presence in the international or global market. India apart from many other reasons is also known for its royalty and luxury. Hence, the growth of luxury products in India today is our hope for Indian luxury market tomorrow.

With many Indian Luxury Fashion companies making big waves across the world with their luxuary products, let us hope that these Indian luxury brands make it to the top with any kind of name that they choose to use.

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