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Life is the faith of death. Every living thing must die. Death is an irrefutable fact that cannot be denied, but giving flowers on the occasion of this grief is also a great act. Giving flowers to funerals has been a tradition for centuries and is followed worldwide.

Giving flowers to someone during any loss is a sign of sympathy. Similarly, giving flowers to the deceased conveys sympathy, love, and consolation to the bereaved. The deceased cannot be revived, but his sorrows can be comforted. Flowers are the best means of sympathy for the bereaved. Reasons why flowers are given at funerals are written in this article.

5 Reasons Why to Give Flowers at Funerals?

1. Comfort and relaxation

Human words are very effective and can break hearts and promise new life for broken hearts. Similarly, flowers have been endowed by nature to bring peace and comfort. The fragrance of flowers and the beauty of the environment help to ease the pain and reduce the intensity of grief. Giving flowers shows that the giver has special sympathy for them and stands by them on the occasion of grief.
The delicacy of flowers has an impact on human life. Flowers play an important role in providing relief from pain in cases of illness and relief from grief in times of grief.

2. Flower symbols in funerals

All flowers have different symbols and meanings. Each flower given at a funeral has a different meaning. They reflect different emotions at a funeral.

  • Lilies: Lilies prove the innocence of the dead person and are given for the peace of the soul.
  • Roses: Roses are a sign of honor and respect, with red roses representing love and grief, while white roses are given to show the purity of the deceased. If you want to give flowers for the funeral of your loved ones for their purity and peace of mind, then you can order from the funeral flowers website.
  • Carnations: Carnations are used in funeral burials. The carnation is a symbol of innocence and praise.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums symbolize death and mourning, so they are given as gifts to the deceased.

3. Reverence of the deceased

The purpose of giving a flower bouquet at a funeral is also to pay tribute to the deceased’s life. Flowers are offered to honor the life of the deceased. Flowers are given different designs in different bouquets. These flowers are placed on the side of the coffin of the deceased or as a memorial. They indicate that these flowers are offered as a reward for the services of the deceased and out of respect.

4. Universal gesture

All over the world, flowers are placed on the coffins and graves of the dead. One may be of any religion or country, but putting flowers on the dead body is common everywhere. The flowers’ type and color may differ, but the purpose of the flowers given at the funeral is the same: sympathy and love.

When words can’t heal grief, flowers are the best alternative. For this reason, giving flowers at funerals is an old tradition.

Giving flowers at funerals is an essential tradition in many religions. In Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and all other religions, giving flowers is considered a symbol of sympathy. Therefore, flowers are given as consolation in grief. If you want to give flowers at the funeral of your loved one to express solidarity and get his reward, then you can order from the Be My Flowers website.

5. Maintain old traditions

The tradition of giving flowers at funerals is very old and is now in danger of extinction. Giving flowers at funerals is a must to pass this ritual down to the next generation. Flowers cannot bring back the deceased, but the truth is that they can bring the family out of deep grief.
When words do not heal grief, these sorrows can be healed by giving flowers. Even in today’s modern age, the method of giving flowers at funerals is different, but the purpose of all of them is sympathy for the deceased’s family.


Giving flowers at funerals is a very old tradition to show appreciation for the sentiments or services of the deceased. Flowers can offer sympathy to the family of the deceased, ease their grief, and enhance the beauty of the grave. By giving flowers at funerals, we can remember the old traditions and turn the grief of the relatives into peace.


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Why is Giving Flowers at a Funeral Necessary? — Lady Wimbledon (2024)
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