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Search Engines allow us to filter the tons of information available on the internet and get the most accurate results. And while most people don’t pay too much attention to search engines, they immensely contribute to the accuracy of results and the experience you enjoy while scouring through the internet. Although you might think that Google is the only search engine due to its dominance, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are other outstanding search engines. This write-up seeks to provide a rank of some of the best search engines out there.

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1. Google

Besides being the most popular search engine covering over 90% of the worldwide market, Google boasts outstanding features that make it the best search engine in the market. It boasts cutting-edge algorithms, easy-to-use interface, and personalized user experience. The platform is renowned for continually updating its search engine results and features to give users the best experience.

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  • Provides quality search results in their easy-to-use interface
  • Updates its results and features regularly
  • Has the largest single-catalog of webpages
  • API


  • The platform catalogs the browsing habits of users and shares information with advertisers
  • It delivers too many results to check
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2. Bing

Microsoft’s Bing is the second-most renowned search engine in the world. And although it trails Google by a broad margin in terms of market share, it boasts some unique features that may excite users. For starters, the search engine filters result in different tabs such as ads, images, maps, videos, and news. It also gives users the chance to accumulate points, which they can later redeem on Microsoft and Windows stores. It also performs flawlessly on all browsers.


  • Crawls hidden and unhidden content equally
  • The search engine ranks home pages, not blogs
  • Boasts outstanding video indexing


  • Slower results when compared to Google
  • Forums are often ranked low in the search results
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3. Yahoo

Although it was once popular than and even went neck-to-neck with Google during its early days, Yahoo has dropped to the third spot in terms of market share. Its web portal is still popular, and it is said to be the eleventh most visited site according to Alexa. Yahoo features an impressive interface, clean results and an impressive catalog of websites.


  • Offers comprehensive organic results
  • Its shopping search has more features and options than any other search engine
  • Boasts other services such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo mail, Yahoo answers, and several mobile apps


  • Unclear labeling of ads make it hard to distinguish between organic and non-organic results
  • Undated search results
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4. Baidu

Founded in 2000, Baidu is a top-tier search engine that enjoys dominance in China. The platform has been experiencing a steady increase in the number of users over the years. And although it is mainly used in China, it still boasts an intuitive interface, plenty of search options, and premium-quality search results.


  • Boasts excellent features and high-quality search results
  • It’s backed by one of the largest artificial intelligence and internet service companies in the world
  • Plenty of advertising options


  • Highly censored by the government
  • The integrity of the search engine has been questioned from time to time
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5. Yandex

Yandex was established in 1997, and it boasts of being the most utilized search engine in Russia. Yandex’s parent company presents itself as a technology company that specializes in the creation of intelligence products and services powered by machine learning. However, it powers one of the most extensive search engines in Russia, accounting for over 65% of the market share. You can search for anything with Yandex including images, maps, and even videos.


  • Delivers world-class, locally relevant search results
  • Its image search option is one-of-a-kind
  • Can be customized for different countries
  • Provides a Geocoder, Translation, Places, & Static map services.


  • Collects user data like most of the other search engines
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6. Duckduckgo

Another outstanding search engine is Duckduckgo. Unlike the other search engines, Duckduckgo values the privacy of users as they don’t track or store personal search information. The search engine allows you to look up for everything ranging from images, maps, and videos. It boasts outstanding features such as the zero-click information where all answers appear on the first page. The disambiguation prompts clarify what you are searching for more accurate results.


  • Doesn’t track or catalog user’s information
  • Delivers fast results for instant searches
  • Features a clean and straightforward interface


  • Results are not personalized
  • Its delivers limited image search results
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7. Contextual Web Search

Contextual Web Search is a robust API that provides users access to billions of webpages, news, and images with a single API call. The API links you to a search engine that mimics how the human brain indexes memories for more insightful search results. This API uses a combination of user information and their behavior to create a context for personalized searches. It helps you customize your experience and get accurate and relevant search results.


  • Delivers fast and accurate results
  • Uses contextual technology and underlying semantics to offer a personalized experience
  • Provide access to a database with billions of webpages


  • The API uses an advanced technology that can be challenging to non-technical users
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8. Yippy Search

Yippy Search is a state-of-the-art deep web engine that helps users to explore what other search engines won’t find. Since deep web pages are harder to unearth in typical searches, Yippy Search helps you to locate these webpages. It enables you to search for hard-to-locate information such as government-related feeds, hobby interest blogs, academic researches, or offbeat news.


  • It blocks undesirable websites
  • Boasts tons of related topics on the search results screen
  • Provides previews on the results screen


  • It’s hard to turn off the filtering process
  • It comes with a lot of ads.

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